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Scooter Man!

In the summer of '99 I was rebuilding strength in my formerly broken leg (see the Leg Story on this site for the full story). One of the tricky bits is that you can not just walk or run, because the non-involved leg (as they call it) will compensate for the involved leg and the legs will forever be unbalanced. You need an exercise that will work one side and not the other.

My brilliant doctor wife found a solution -- a Razor kick scooter. These were just becoming popular at the time, and I got it as a birthday present. I would slowly ride around the courtyard of our apartment complex, slowly building strength and balance in the involved leg.

It worked like a charm and I began riding it back and forth to work along the sidewalks. I became addicted to getting around quickly and decided to keep it even after the leg was fully re-developed. I take up the same space as a pedistrian and I always have one foot on the ground, so I can stop instantly and don't hit things (or people).

Flash forward a number of years and now I live in Rye, NY. I need to get to the train station to get into the city everyday and then need to get from Grand Central to my office. My solution: The scooter. However the neighborhood children were very shocked to see a grown man riding a kick scooter. A group of boys labeled me "Scooter Man!" and decided to try to catch me and find out where I came from. This lead to many weeks of me dodging and weaving through the neighborhood streets to avoid an organized team of boys and girls trying to close the net on me.

I am happy to say that we have reached a peace accord. I now scooter without fear, but it is still considered a honor to be able to run up and tag The Scooter Man in action.