Jeff Zern  
a.k.a. Jeff Miller cell phone (914) 565-9458 email:


Jeff Zern

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SAG   (914) 565-9458 CELL
Height: 6' Weight: 175 lbs. EMAIL
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue    
From a High Place   Devon Lord   Ken Richardson
It's Hard   Coach Reynolds   Julie Scott Edwards
Anatomy of a College   Jeremy/Host   Doug Knell
The Pendulum   Aden   Jean Claude
Maxwell Dunn: Crimebuster   Maxwell Dunn   Alexis Alexandrou
Cable News 19   News Anchor   Sunny McLean
General Mills Commercial   Principal   Ed Sanchez
Tales from the Vienna Woods   Zauberkonig   Avra Sidiropoulou, Horace Mann
Carnivale   Ray Bini   Cynthia Moore, Abingdon
The Country Wife   Dorilant/Harcourt   Alex Roe, Westside Rep.
Meet Mr. Hand   Mr. Hand   Michelle Miller, Greenwich St.
Still Life with Booze   Vincent Van Gogh   Alexander Barnett, Miranda
The Baltimore Waltz   Carl   Mark Cofta, Allen's Lane
Death of a Salesman   Happy   Joe Canuso, Allen's Lane
IMPROVISATION - 14 years experience    
Ka-Baam!!   Superheroes! Live! Producer and Featured Player
Freestyle Repertory Theatre   Theatresports and Long Form Improvisation
Humerus   Artistic Director of NYU School of Medicine Improv
ComedySportz Philadelphia   Two years performing experience
Meisner Technique   William Esper, two-year intensive program
Movement   Actor's Movement Studio (Williamson Technique)
Scene Study   Michael Stacy, Cornell Univ.
Dialects   Allison Van Dyke, Cornell Univ.
Combat   Ron Wilson, Cornell Univ.
Voice Over   Charles Rosen, TVI
Scooter riding, B. S. Electrical Engineering, Stage Combat, Harmonica
Dialects: British, Southern, Texarkana
"When you lose your power to laugh, you lose your power to think straight."- Inherit the Wind