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A Love Story

One of the greatest aspects of my life is my beautiful wife, Nina. She is an endless source of support, inspiration and love. She makes everything in my life seem even better. Our relationship and romance has been filled with one amazing moment after the next. Eventually, I hope to tell many of the stories here on the site, but for now I want to share the story of our wedding. Click on a picture for a larger version.
  Nina and I were wed on May 30th, 1998. We created our own ceremony, fusing both Western and Indian traditions. In this picture, we are taking the seven steps (Saptapadi). It is a beautiful Indian tradition. The couple takes seven steps together. On the seventh step they are considered married. Each step has a symbolic meaning:
1. The first step is to ensure that you shall always love and care for each other in sickness and in health
2. The second step is to accept each other's family as your own
3. The third step is to respect and follow each others ideals
4. The fourth step is nourish each other's dreams, strengths, virtues, and fortunes
5. The fifth step is to strive to keep each other happy through mutual love and trust
6. The sixth step is to love, cherish and care for your children always
7. The seventh step is to remain lifelong friends

I think it is amazing that this ancient ceremonial tradition from one of the oldest cultures has the most important step based on friendship. For Nina and myself it could not be more appropriate. We started out as good friends. We love each other madly, but at the core we are best friends.
  Here we are cutting the cake. Nina and I learned a choreographed Tango for our first dance. It was filled with flashy moves and lots of sexy moments. All of our guests were astounded by how well we danced together. The secret, of course, is the love.

Nina and I are very fortunate to have two fantastic families, some of whom are shown below.
    After every great wedding there should be a great Honeymoon. Nina and I went to Hawaii for two weeks. We had a wonderful time. But that is another story...