From the Couch:
An Unilegged Perspective
Vol. 1

Greetings to all and congratulations for being a charter member of the From the Couch Newsletter. The only newsletter dedicated to the triumphs and tribulations of a temporarily one-legged man.

One month from Accident

Monday marked one month since I leapt off a chair and into a new lifestyle. It is strange to think that I have not stood up for an entire month. I canít even attempt to walk until after April 5th. That is when I start therapy (if everything goes right). I have been very good about staying off of my left leg, but I did have a slip up on Tuesday. I lost my balance on a chair and instinctively put my left leg down for support. Needless to say, it did not provide any. Pain shot up my leg and I quickly scrambled to get my other leg around for support. As far as I can tell it did no damage, but it succeeded in scaring the hell out of me. It also made me realize something: Therapy is going to hurt. I wish this brainstorm had come a little later (like April 5th.) Oh well, by this point pain is like an old friend that is always hanging around. Itís annoying but you get used to it.

In your dreamsÖ

One bizarre aspect to this whole affair has been how my subconscious self-image has been slow to change. Once I was able to sleep (about a week and a half after the accident) I didnít have any leg nightmares or dreams at all. I would dream of myself as I had been, walking around normally. Then, as I would start waking up I would always think "Owww, why is my left leg hurting so much?" Once I fully woke up I would realize with surprise that I had a broken leg. But now the dreams have started to change. In one, I was going into a mall with Nina to buy an Orange Julius. Just as I got to the counter, I panicked. "My God, my leg!" I looked down and I saw the splint. Then with terror I realized I have been walking on it. I lifted it up and thought "Iíve got to get my crutches from the car." The rest of the nightmare was about me desperately trying to hop back to the car. I woke up in a fright, screaming "I almost drank an Orange Julius!!" No, actually I woke up feeling much better that I had not messed up my leg.

Jeffís Mail

Many of our readers have asked if I am going crazy being cooped up all the time. Now, my life is watching cable television and working on the computer. It would seem pretty horrible if it wasnít exactly what my life had been before. In all seriousness, it has not been unpleasant. This is mostly because of all of my friends and family who have been so supportive and caring. This is the second time in my life that I have had a serious trauma (see Bicycle Journals: A helmetless perspective Vol 1-22) and in both cases it has shown me what is really important. You, my friends and family, are the greatest treasure a man could have. Thank you. And keep those letters coming for Volume 2.

Hi Ho!! (some things never change)