Beaver Swamp Brook

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Dumping incident: 8/11/2014

I ride my scooter from Harrison to Rye via Park Ave which has a bridge that goes over Beaver Swamp Brook.
For over 8 years, I have enjoyed watching this small wetland on a daily basis. On Monday, August 11, at 6:20pm I was horrified to see some toxic substance had been dumped into the water.
Some fish were dead and more were swimming around in the danger zone of whitish, yellow muck. The bottom should be dark brown.
Here are some shots of what it looked like (click for larger version):

North side of bridge (8/11 6:20pm)

South side of bridge (8/11 6:20pm)

I called the Department of Environmental Conservation at 6:30pm.
They were great. They immediately sent an officer down to the site. I met him there and he told me that he had called in the clean up crew.
I went back on Tuesday morning, to see what had happened.
Unfortunately, since the contaminate was heavier than the water, the crew from DEC was unable to do much. They did however, hire a contractor to come in and clean up the dead fish and take some samples.

I went back Tuesday morning before work and was saddened to see the destruction:

North side of bridge (8/12 7:40am)


South side of bridge (8/12 7:40am)


The Department of Environmental Conservation has continued to work on the case. The contractor came and cleaned. And they are still investigating to try and find out what happened and who was responsible.
Then, luckily we had heavy rains which flushed out the rest of the toxic substance. I am happy to report that Beaver Swamp Brook is on the mend.

Many thanks to the great team at the Department of Environmental Conservation for jumping into action, and thanks to the Rye Record for reporting on the incident.

Let it be a lesson to all of us... think before you pour something down the drain!

North side of bridge (8/13 6:20pm)

Notice the Egret and its baby. Life returns!

South side of bridge (8/13 6:20pm)

Looking clean.